Monday, March 23, 2009

Try This Insurance Policy to Protect Against Music Practice Disasters

Did your child's music teacher just pile on the new material at her last lesson?

Is your child in an extra-musical groove?

Or does she need a kick start for the practice week?

If you read our last article, you know that five is our magic practice number, and here it is again:

When you get home from this week's lesson, encourage (feel free to substitute "bribe" or "reward" whenever you see "encourage") your child to spend just FIVE MINUTES running through the NEW material covered in lesson.

I promise you this is the musical equivalent of heading to the bus stop in a raincoat, galoshes, umbrella, and goggles on a barely cloudy day.

Five minutes is just 300 seconds, and during this extra little bit of squeezed in practice your child will solidify some of the new muscle memory they were working on in lesson, and keep details of the lesson fresh for their next regular practice.

Do they need to do this every week? Oh, it would be a teacher's dream come true! But naturally you can save some special rewards to purchase this insurance policy when you suspect your child needs it most.

Have you ever tried a quick five minute practice with your child after a music lesson? How did it work out for them? What is your favorite way to help your child start their practice week?
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  1. Kids like adults, relax listening to music, in fact introducing any one form of music to kids early in life help them become more disciplined and organized. Relaxation is very important and music delivers that desired result.


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